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Web 3.0
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3 Mini-Case-Studies

"Distributed Conflict Resolution" (Kleros) "Decentralized Brand Economies" (Kapture) Tackling "Africa's"Missing Middle" challenge (Raise)

3 Mini-Case-Studies
From 2018 to 2023
Mobile & Web
Focus area
Emerging Economies (Raise), Legaltech (Kleros), and EntertainmentTech (Kapture)
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Project overview
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Pioneering "Decentralized Brand Economies" + "Distibuted Conflict Resolution" + tackling Africa's "Missing Middle"

Kapture was a part-time job, Kleros was a part time pro bono job, and Raise was also a part time job
Kapture & Kleros were solving fundamental problems within the entertainment and legal spaces whilst Raise was tackling Africa's lack of investment
Design Kapture's product from 0 to 1, redesign Kleros' product based on significant UX research, and design/redesign Raise's MVP + future releases
Happy Path for Kleros

Connects Wallet > Browses Courtrooms (categories) > Stakes in order to join Courtrooms > once Courtroom opens up, user enters Courtroom > Browses Court Cases > Selects then Studies Court Case > Vote for either Plaintiff or Defendant > Comes back later to view Rewards


None except for Web2 versions such as Ebay's conflict resolution solution


Survey + Interviewing + Usability Testing, MECE, and applying Design Principles


Legal Practictioners and/or DeFi/DAO users who care about resolving important conflicts


Helped to inform important redesign implementations that led Kleros to continue growing in the direction they have ever since 2018

Overall - helped to improve user growth by 176.34%, helped to increase retention by 26.48%, and increase business development outcomes by about 37.61%

Happy Paths for Raise

End-User: comes to Raise to browse small-to-medium-sized businesses to invest in who are doing raises in either tokenized or fiat-based ways

Company-Owner: comes to Raise to setup their company profile as a DAO starting with allowing the user to delineate shares amongst their employees


Various such as Carta as the main contemporary because essentially Raise is like an African and Web3-version of Carta

Tools Used for both products

Figma + Figjam + Adobe Design Suite
Google Docs/Sheets + Miro + Azure

Team Sizes I collaborated with directly

1 head of product at ConsenSys + 5 developers + 1 business developer

1 lead designer at Kleros + 5 developers

5 designers with Raise + 1 head of product + 3 developers

Sample Sizes for all 3 products

~150 live-users with ConsenSys as well as apx. 12,000 live-users overall

10 end-users with Kleros for testing as well as apx. 50,000 live-users

5 business-owners for Raise as well as 10 end-users as well as apx. 50 live-business-owners

End-2-End Designs for ConsenSys Kapture

To learn all about what what Kapture, please see the following article:

Onboarding Experience

Authentication Experience

Locate 1st Collectible

Find Collectible (Anytime)

Find Collectible (Quest)

Redeem or Send Collectible


Transaction History


Sample Designs for Kleros

To learn all my experience with this project, please check out this 40+ page case-study I wrote:

Sample Designs for Raise

To learn all about my Raise experience, please check out the following video as well as the website linked above