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Web 3.0
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Passage Protocol

Passage is building the engine behind the next generation of communities for leading DAOs, NFT collections, Social Tokens, DeFi projects, and consumer dApps.

Passage Protocol
Feb 2022 - June 2023
Focus area
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Project overview
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Infrastructure + Developer UX + Web3 SaaS

I was their founding product designer and worked with a small team of about 5 including the Head of Product, Tech, Community/BD/Sales/Marketing, a data scientist, and 2 other engineers
Passage Protocol needed a systems-thinking product designer to design out the foundations for their comprehensive set of Web3 membership management/operations tools
I worked closely with the entire team to design the UX/UI of "Freestyle" & "Customs" by collaborating with their developers & a freelance visual designer.
Happy Path for "Freestyle"

Goes to "", proceeds to "Get Started", fills out application, and then waits to receives invite to the Beta > goes through the questionnaire > lands inside the developer dashboard to oversee and further configure their membership NFT.


Coinvise, Co:Create, Moralis,, etc.


Competitive/Contemporary Analysis, MECE, applying Design Principles, Dogfooding


Developers, (aspiring-)DAO members & operators, and community managers/moderators


Freestyle: Clientele increased from 0 to 50+ within a few months

Customs: helped retain their clientele by 100%

Happy Path for "Customs"

Goes to "", proceeds to "Get Started", fills out application, and then waits to receives invite to the Beta > either selects a Function to begin with or clicks on "Connect Wallet" > lands inside their Workspace dashboard either with selected Function displayed in the Function-Graph already or prompted to add their first Function by going to the Function Library > after a satisfactory amount of Functions are created, the entire Workspace may be deployed


Zapier & If This Then That

Tools Used

Figma + Figjam + Adobe Design Suite
Google Docs/Sheets + Miro + Azure

Sample Size

15 Competitors/Contemporaries, 10 to 20 internal stakeholders, and 5 to 10 external stakeholders

End-2-End Designs

All of these are ground-up designs due to the fact that this was a brand new startup which began in January 2022 and I was their founding product designer. I met them at the KERNEL Fellowship and was able to work closely with a tight-knit team to design out everything from the branding to the design system to the two products.


"Freestyle" is Passage Protocol's lifetime free no-code membership NFT minting platform which essentially aims to be an all-inclusive CRM tool for the world of Web3:


There were 3 variants I designed initially which differed in terms of their information-architecture:

Membership = Program > Conditions

Membership > Programs > Conditions

Membership > Programs = Condition


This set of deigns was based on research into various rewarding schemes/programmes within the Web2/Web3 worlds such as various X-to-Earn protocols and notable consumer loyalty programs.

Step 0 of 3
Step 1 of 3
Step 2 of 3
Full Flow - Step 3 of 3

High-Fidelity of Freestyle

After several more iterations, here's the final product broken up in the following sections:

Step 0a - Web
Step 0a - mobile
Step 0b
Step 1a
Step 1b
Step 1c
Step 2
Step 3a
Step 3b
Membership Relationship Manager


"Customs" is a unique first-of-its-kind product enabling the clients of Passage Protocol to define custom rules-of-engagement for their memberships by allowing them to create what is called "functions" and stringing them together. These "functions" are various mechanics for how members are defined. I only designed wireframes for this product.