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Web 3.0
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Tempus is a multi-chain fixed income protocol. Tempus integrates with lending protocols, staking protocols, and yield aggregators, and lets users fix or speculate on the yield generated by them.

Jan 2022 - Present
Mobile & Web
Focus area
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Project overview
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Web and Design System work - Iterating from Version #2 to Version #3

I was brought up as a senior product designer to assist their existing product designer with levelling up their product with their team of about 10 engineers
Tempus’ overall design needed improvement, a lot of it was designed within limited timeframes and therefore was sub-optimal and their existing designer lacked the bandwidth
To redesign the entire Tempus product so as to have a significant UX/UI upgrade in order to be more competitive and usable as well as work on any new product design efforts
Happy Path

Trader CONNECTS wallet > Browses then Deposits into Pool > waits a significant period of time > Browses the Dashboard then Withdraws from Position


Element Finance, Sense Finance, Swivel Finance, Notional Finance, Yield Protocol


Competitive/Contemporary Analysis, MECE, applying Design Principles, Dogfooding, and Usability Testing


Investors with net worth of $1M and above


Pickle Finance, Enzyme, Polynomial,,

Tools Used

Figma + Figjam + Adobe Design Suite
Google Docs/Sheets + Miro + Azure

Sample Size

15 Competitors/Contemporaries, 10 to 20 internal stakeholders, and 5 to 10 external stakeholders

My Work

Layouts for V2

One of the main problems with the table and dashboard designs are that the list of pools is unnappealing, too clinically, and the dasboard design below is overwhelming with an incredibly huge amount of information presented at the outset.

The first design is a list of all the available pools of fixed & variable yields for which the trader can deposit into
Pool (selected)
The second design is the dashboard of a selected pool

My Work, continued...

Layouts for V3

There was a huge overhaul in terms of the information architecture, the overall navigation has been upgraded to reflect all the present and prospective products that Tempus offers and will offer.

Home - Positions in Dashboard view
Instead of a cluttered dashboard, there’s now a few UI Cards + a huge chart + an optional table showing the transaction history that’s hidden at default
Home - Positions in Portfolio view
Previously there wasn’t a “positions” view, rather you’d have to select the pool you deposited into in order to view your position
Home - Pools
Instead of a table listing out all the pools, it’s now redesigned as cards with more whitespace and greater visual appeal so as to come across as more pleasing and enticing