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Web 3.0
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Braintrust is a Web3 version of Toptal wherein I’m working with 3 different clients whom are all working on NFT-related products

Nov 2021 - Present
Mobile & Web
Focus area
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Project overview
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Senior Product Designer VIA Braintrust

I collaborated on Braintrust, a Web3 platform similar to Toptal, where I worked with three clients on NFT-related projects: Snowcrash (Solana-based NFT marketplace), Playground, and Bluebird (both NFT-based social platforms).
The problem associated with Bluebird was that it needed a well-defined MVP - it lacked product-market fit as it was trying to enter a very difficult space, the world of social media as it intended to essentially be a Web3 version of Instagram
The goals associated with Playground and Snowcrash are as follows: Playground aimed to be the primary platform for creators to Make, Manage, and Monetize their creations, events, and following. Snowcrash aimed to become the #1 Solana NFT marketplace.

Preview of Work-in-Progress