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Cultos is a digital ecosystem that aligns incentives between companies and their social media followers by rewarding users for their support with branded community tokens and exclusive NFTs.

Aug 2022 - Dec 2022
Focus area
Nonfungibles & Fungibles
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Project overview
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Designing their B2B and B2B2C products from scratch whilst refining the design of their flagship client-facing products for a client called MGA as well as designing out their design system from the ground-up.

I was their senior product designer and worked with a team consisting of the heads of product, community, marketing, engineering, a sr. product manager, and a team of 5 engineers
They needed someone to take ownership of their entire product suite which included the flagship consumer-facing product as well as a custom client-facing solution
To design and refine the design of 2 different Cultos products - its main/primary one as well as a client-facing one for MGA
Happy Path (1st time)

The following is the ideal path for both B2B and B2B2C users where we begin with the brand-user (at the very beginning) then to the end-user (in green) wherein Cultos acts as the intermediary (in orange)


Competitive/Contemporary Analysis, MECE, applying Design Principles, Dogfooding, Surveying, Interviews, Usability Testing


We have a spectrum of personae - someone who’s simply a daily Claimer all the way to an Ambassador

Competitors (we have many but below are a noteworthy handful):
  • Toki
  • Co:Create
  • Novel
  • Taco
Tools Used
  • Figma + Figjam + Adobe Design Suite
  • Google Docs/Sheets + Typeform + Google Analytics + Amplitude
Sample Size

Conducted user testing with 5 users per major iteration whilst capturing a growing waitlist of all users totalling about 5,250

My work

Prep work

Here’s a link to our Design System and below is an infographic explaining how Cultos works:​

Product Work

Cultos both a web-app and a mobile-app in which:

  • the web one is our B2B product that is used by entertainment brands of all shapes & sizes such as Bratz, MGA - LOL Surprise, and Rainbow Highs
  • whilst the mobile one is our B2B2C product that is used by consumers of the aforementioned brands in which this mobile app can either be a custom version of our main B2B2c product or a completely new app with the same backend/rails customized exclusively for said client.

Below you’ll see 3 different sets of designs - the B2B and 2 B2B2C products: our whitelisted one vs. a completely custom design for one of our clients called MGA

B2B2C Product

The following is the main whitelabel Cultos product used by end-users

B2B Product

The following is the no-code solution used by Cultos’ business customers/clients

Client Product

The following is a custom solution built for MGA, specifically their LOL Surprise brand