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Web 3.0
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GoodDollar is a people-powered framework to generate, finance, and distribute global basic income via the GoodDollar token (“G$ coin”)

May 2022 - Aug 2022
Mobile & Web
Focus area
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Project overview
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Design Research & Product Design

I was their lead designer working with a team of about 20 people and closely with their Executive Director, and directors of Marketing, Protocol, and Community, Product Manager, and CTO.
GoodDollar needed a Lead Designer to manage all of their product and marketing design efforts as well as research & strategy projects so as to better improve GoodDollar for their half a million user-base
To not only improve on the design of both the mobile and web apps, but to conduct a thorough research project on better understanding how best to serve the GoodDollar community
Happy Path (1st time)

Step 1: Community Member creates GoodDollar wallet

Step 2: Community Member hits “CLAIM” button

Step 3: Community Member optionally can choose to send/receive the G$ token and/or use the GoodDollar Marketplace

Step 4: Community Member can also optionally choose to go to the GoodDollar Protocol web app and stake or swap

Step 5: Community Member can finally optionally choose to provide liquidity on Fuseswap, donate G$, and get involved with the GoodDollar community as an Ambassador


Competitive/Contemporary Analysis, MECE, applying Design Principles, Dogfooding, Surveying, Interviews, Usability Testing


We have a spectrum of personae - someone who’s simply a daily Claimer all the way to an Ambassador

My Work

Here’s a link to what my work ended up resulting in:

  • Impact Market
  • Proof of Humanity
  • Circles UBI
  • Global Income Coin
  • GloDollar
Tools Used
  • Figma + Figjam + Adobe Design Suite
  • Google Docs/Sheets + Typeform + Google Analytics + Amplitude
Sample Size

28 out of ~8500 survey respondants who filled out our survey out of ~450,000 community members in total

Product work

GoodDollar has both a progressive web app that is used by all our community members and the following is a facelift I had conducted with some minor UX improvements whilst the web mocks below are an updated design of the “GoodDapp” - our DeFi product essentially-speaking.

More product...

The following is what I envisioned to be how the GoodDollar Dashboard could be integrated into the GoodDApp:

Even more...

The following is a redesign of their staking feature, which had a lot of UX issues that can best be summed up as confusing, frustrating, and unclear as to how/why one should/could stake.